What Important Step Should You Make When Charged With A Violent Crime?

If you have been charged with a violent crime in Alexandria, Virginia, you need to hire an experienced violent crime defense attorney to defend your rights. The penalties for such crimes can be life-changing, so hiring an Alexandria criminal defense attorney can be an important step in getting the justice you deserve. Check out https://www.virginiacriminaldefenseattorneys.net/violent-crime-defense-attorney/ to find the best criminal defense lawyer in Virginia.

Whether you are facing a misdemeanor, felony or federal charge, an Alexandria criminal attorney can help you get the justice you deserve. He can help you find out how much of your rights were violated, and advise you on the best course of action to take. A qualified Alexandria lawyer can also help you mitigate any damage caused by the charges.

Defending a violent crime can be difficult. Many people assume that a trial is the only way to challenge the charges. This is not always the case. An Alexandria criminal defense lawyer will work hard to protect your rights throughout the case.

Violent crimes can involve assault, battery, and other crimes of violence. These crimes often come with severe consequences, such as jail time or fines. In Alexandria, VA, violent crimes are considered felonies, whereas misdemeanors are deemed less serious. Depending on the circumstances, a violent crime may be punishable by up to a year in jail.

A skilled Alexandria criminal defense attorney can also assist you in dealing with a DUI or federal criminal charge. A good criminal lawyer can advise you on your options, and negotiate for a plea deal that keeps you out of jail.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you are still in danger of paying hefty fines and losing your driving privileges. Even if you do not end up in prison, a conviction can have a negative impact on your career and life. When you have a conviction, you are not only at risk of being arrested again, but you will have to report your conviction to future employers. It is also very possible that your security clearance will be affected by a felony conviction.

A lawyer can help you avoid self-incrimination, avoiding the temptation to confess to the crime. Additionally, a criminal lawyer can review the evidence and make sure it is accurate and legal. If there are ambiguities in the case, an Alexandria lawyer can look for new evidence that proves you are innocent.

You should consult with an Alexandria criminal defense attorney before you decide to talk to the police. Police often want to hear your side of the story. However, your lawyer can make it clear that you do not want to speak, or that you have a legal right to remain silent. Often, a lawyer can help you build a strong defense by pointing out that the police’s actions were illegal.

An Alexandria, VA, criminal lawyer can also help you with cases that are aggravated, such as assault with a deadly weapon, and other types of federal charges. Having a skilled attorney on your side can give you the confidence you need to win your case.

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